Teivat Teudot | box of documents (in Hebrew)

painting installation | solo exhibition in Liza Gershuni Gallery | Tel Aviv 

oil on canvas and wood

 different sizes


The works in this series were created in an intensive painting action that began after my return from Cochin in south India, where my father was born.
Like my other works- the site-specific installations and my artistic activity in public spaces- this exhibition recreates a forgotten memory. A memory that exists between the personal and the public and between the mainstream and the alternative conceptions.
The paintings in the installation are full of layers that work together as well as contradict each other like different states of mind.

Geometric colored forms remain of expressive physical actions and images of faraway culture as well as contemporary local culture combine together into independent new presence in the paintings.

Primal Memories series

© Meydad Eliyahu