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Meydad Eliyahu (b.1983, Mesilat Zion) is an artist, curator, and educator who lives and works in Jerusalem.

Eliyahu's works and projects often deal with hidden cultural expressions and historical narratives. He incorporates members of different communities in his visual research.

Among his projects and exhibitions: Copper Wing, Contemporary Art Center, Ramla (2022), Threshold, in the Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art and Studies, Israel (2020), Red Crown, Green Parrot, a public art project in Jew Town Kochi, as part of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2018), and The Box of Documents in Kashi Gallery as part of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2016).

Eliyahu received several prizes such as Plumas art foundation grant (2023) the Israel ministry of culture award for the young artist (2016), the Jerusalem Print Workshop grant (2012), The Shoshana Ish Shalom Prize for a work of art (2011) and The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Canada (2009).

During the last 10 years Eliyahu has taught in different institutions and has been involved in several socially engaged art projects.

Eliyahu graduated the Jerusalem Studio school master class (2008), and has also studied at the summer program of the International school of Painting, Drawing & Sculpture in Italy (2006), studied printmaking at the Jerusalem print workshop (2009-2010) and practiced Japanese and Chinese calligraphy and ink painting under Master Kazuo Ishii (2009-2011).

Eliyahu's works are part of private and public collections in Israel, the United States, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and India

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